Dpower RepRap 2x GT2 20T 5mm Bore Pulleys 2M Timing Belt Set for 3D printer Prusa

GT2 timing belt system especially suited for linear movement and positioning applications.
Type: GT2
Pitch: 2mm
Pulley teeth: 20
Pulley bore: 5mm (for 5mm shaft)
Pulley material: Aluminum
Belt wide: 6mm
Package Included:
1 x 2mm allen key
2 x Aluminum GT2 20T Pulley with screws
1 x 2000mm 2GT Fiberglass Reinforced Rubber Open Belt (2mm pitch x 6mm wide).
4 x Screws

Product Features

  • Two Aluminum GT2 Pulleys + 2 Meter of GT2 Belt + Four SS grub screws + Hex wrench Set
  • The aluminum pulley has high quality shiny surface appearance and robust construction
  • Check out drawing below for pulley dimensions and calculated steps per unit of travel.
  • Belt is rubber, fiberglass reinforced, 6mm wide, 2mm pitch
  • For 3D Printing applications, GT2 2mm belt system works better than T5, T2.5, it gives better smoothness and accuracy of positioning, resulting in better printing quality

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