TEVO Little Monster 3D Printer DIY Kit Adopt for Smoothieware/ MKS TFT28 Touch Screen /BLTouch Auto Leveling /Titan Extruder High Speed Printing w/ Heatbed With Aibecy Cleaning Cloth


Type: Adopt for MKS TFT28 touch screen
1. Suitable for many main boards such as Ramps1.4, MKS Base, MKS Gen and MKS Mini;
2. Do not need to modify your firmware, support for Marlin, Smoothieware and Repetier.
3. Support USB flash disk, SD card;
4. Support continual and easy software update;

Advantage of Smoothieware:
1. Supports all features found in Reprap firmware.
2. Designed to support non-Cartesian machines (rotational axes: wall drawer, SCARA robot, Delta/Parallel robot, Robotic arm,etc ).
3. Currently supported for Cartesian and H-Bot (CoreXY), Linear Delta, Rotary
Delta and Feather.
4. Compatible with the normal Reprap ecosystem (G-code flavour), making it compatible with the common Reprap Hosts ( Pronterface, Octoprint etc).
5. Easy configuration: using a simple configuration file on the SD card (no compiling/flashing is required).
6. High step rate (120khz) for higher movement speed or high micro-stepping. 7. Serial interface over USB.
8. Easy firmware upgrade via the SD card.
9. With modular and well commented code.
10. Modular event driven design: allowing to add functionality easily without modifying the core.

Brand: TEVO
Model: Monster
Large Build Size: 340 * 500mm / 13.4 * 19.7″ (D * H)
Max. Printing Speed: 150mm/s
Screen: Adopt for MKS TFT28 Touch Screen
Extruder Type: Openbuilds Aluminum Extrusion 4080
Compatible Filament Type: PLA, ABS, Flexible PLA, HIPS, Wood, PVA, Nylon
Voltage: AC 220/110V
Item Size: 120 * 53 * 46.7cm / 47.2 * 20.9 * 18.4″
Item Weight: 25kg / 55.1Lbs
Package Size: 106 * 61 * 21cm / 41.7 * 24 * 8.3″
Package Weight: 30kg / 66.1Lbs
Package List:
1 * DIY 3D Printer Kit(Filament is not included)
1*Aibecy Cleaning Cloth﹤Multiple Functions﹥Adopts for parts produced by the world’s leading brands, such as Smoothieware, MKS TFT28 Touch Screen ,ANTCLABS BLTouch Auto Leveling ,Titan extruder and openbuilds aluminum extrusion 4080,etc.
﹤Adopt for Smoothieware﹥A free, opensource, high performance and modular G-code interpreter and CNC control system for most of the opensource reprap 32bits controller board.It’s already configured to the mainboard; Just plug and start.
﹤Large And Faster﹥Massive printing size 340 * 500mm (D * H), max. printing speed 150mm/s.Glass ceramic heatbed heat up faster than the average, you can print large item quicker
﹤Modular Structure, Easy To Use, Simple Maintenance﹥With Pause & Resume function, choose it before power off; Then you can continue the printing easily.Full CNC aluminum structure, excellent construction for precise match and high durability.Easy assemble: 80% assembled, 20% disassembled.
﹤Wide Field Of Use﹥Prints multiple filaments PLA, ABS, Flexible PLA, HIPS, WOOD, PVA, Nylon.Wide voltage AC 220/110V.The professional 3D works can be used in fields like medical science/education/industry/home decoration/scientific research/toy & etc.

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